Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Stop-Loss Sucked Like No Tommorow

Over at director and ultra feminist Kimberly Peirce talks about how her anti-war movie Stop-Loss tanked. Of course to no suprise she blames back makerting for the movie's faliure instead of constant troop bashing that is in the movie:

"The 40-year-old director said her film was not intended to convey an anti-war message. "
"My goal wasn't 'let's stop war' but rather 'let's understand the huge consequences that happen when we enter into these conflicts, like what happens to the human beings that are involved, the soldiers, the family,'" Peirce said.
"The way the film has been received in America has been fascinating."
In the course of researching her film, Peirce traveled the country interviewing soldiers and their families, attempting to gain insight into what she describes as the "emblematic stories of this generation."
The director believes that has helped distinguish her film from the crop of other Iraq war movies released in the last 12 months that have struggled to make an impact at the box-office.
"Those movies may have had a hard time because they came out early on, they may have not been marketed correctly," Peirce said.
"But what's really unique about our film is that it's been inspired by all real soldiers, it's totally from their point of view. I use their words, their language, their video, and as I've gone across America with it, when people have seen it, they love it."

All I needed was to see the previews and the LATimes going gaga over this movie to see that it would tank like nothing that ever tanked before. Dirty Harry has a priceless comment to Kimberly Peirce's statement:

"When travelling cross the country she must have only met three kinds of soldiers.
Those too stupid to read their contracts.
The ones who sleep in foxholes dug in their front yard after beating their wife.
Bad actors.
And yeah, that’s why a dozen-plus pro-defeat films were humiliated at the box office, they weren’t marketed correctly. No doubt, that they were alternately cynical, unAmerican, troop-trashing propaganda had nothing *cough*Vantage Point*cough* to do with it.
How do you market films both morally and artistically bankrupt? Stop-Loss was sold as a cross between a Gap ad and a metrosexual buddy road film… Maybe a musical next time?"

What Ms.Perice and others in Hollyweird need to learn is that in the real world the american people honor and respect our armed men and women in the millitary and don't like it when our troops who sacrifice so much for us would be trashed so brutality. I pray that they well one day realize that but I wouldn't bet on that.

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