Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Open Letter To Townhall

One of my fellow lizards at little green footballs wrote this awesome open letter to addressing them about why they allow that Jew hating freak Pat Buchanan to contribute to their blog. Well anyway here is the link.


Karridine said...

Hullo. I'm Susan. Sarandon, stupid. You should KNOW who I am, because I'm famous and YOU aren't.

You think YOU can criticize ME for using my fame and fortune to block a hospital for children NEAR ME, when I'm happy to donate TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of my money to charities FAR FROM ME (even though the US government FORCES ME to take back 85% of each donation in tax breaks, Dang!), but let me tell you one thing, Miss Snooty Three-Shoes...

There's a... the truth... I mean... (psst, where are my talking point notes?) justaminnit...

C.G.G said...

LOL. karridine.

kabud said...

Buchanan is one of the examples of successful subversion going on on the right side of politics

He draws attention to the fact that WEST is under attack, but mixes it with poison, so it is a question:

is he doing any good or is he an enemy?

my friend met him, he thinks that B. is just one of the old fashioned kooks that ruined a very good thing that was JBS,

but my friend has a high level of tolerence.

I - dont. I say Buchanan is stupid and may be an enemy

C.G.G said...

I do to. Willam F. Buckely also did not like Buchanan. Guys like Buchanan should not be tolerated in the republican party or with conservatives.

Anonymous said...

100% agreed

well, republican party will have to go through some changes if even that will do any good, cause sometimes it looks to me that enemy worked on them to the unreversible degree

Any way, HOPE is with young people like you.

May i wish you all possible success and strength!