Thursday, July 31, 2008

RoP: Muslim With History Of Violence Attacks Jewish Model And Ends Her Career

Samir Dervisevic--son of Muslim immigrants, who works as a doorman and has problems with women, he was arrested and charged twice for violent attacks on women(would you like to have a guy like that to greet you at the door?), attacked a Jewish model, disfiguring her face with a glass bottle and ending her career:

"The Manhattan doorman charged with hurling glasses at a woman's face at the Hudson Hotel served a month in jail for horribly disfiguring a top model by smashing a bottle across her cheek at a posh club last year.
Samir Dervisevic, 25, got into a drinking-tossing dust-up with model Liskula Cohen at Ultra on West 26th Street on Jan. 14, 2007, that ended when he cracked a bottle of vodka across her face, she tearfully recalled yesterday.
The 5-foot-10 blond stunner whose beautiful face has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar among others, says the fight began when Dervisevic's friend picked up a bottle of vodka that had been served to her table and poured himself a drink."
When she protested, she said Dervisevic - a doorman at an Upper East Side building who was born in New York to immigrants from the former Yugoslavia - exploded and threw a drink in her face.
"He called me the c-word and he started yelling at me, and then the bouncer told him to go away. He didn't," Cohen said. She then threw her drink on him, and he grabbed the bottle."

He only got thirty days for his crime. Yep just thirty days! Manhattan libs suck. This is almost as bad when Vermont gave a child rapist sixty days for his crimes. So in moonbat liberal world, I guess its okay to assault women and end their dreams as long as your a Muslim. Now if the guy was Jewish or Christan and he attacked a Muslim women and called her the c-world we can imagine the outrage that would be expressed in liberal Manhattan. By the way Samir Dervisevic assaulted a another women last Friday and is being charged with felony assault. Like hope he stays in jail longer but I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

A female friend told me the guy is impotent and is afraid to visit the doc and lashes out his anger at women as he cannot have them.

C.G.G said...

Thanks for telling me. That just makes me more angry and sad. This crime was preventable. Why would they hire a guy with a crimial record and serious mental problems?