Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top Five Obnoxious Comebacks Liberals Use On Conservative Children

As a conservative teen, I have heard every comeback liberal "adults"(I use that term lightly). Show I decide to show my fellow conservative teens what to expect from when they debate liberal adults.

1. Your young and don't know much of the "real" world.
2. You don't know things outside of your home or state.
3. You are too young to understand anything.
4. I am older and know more then you.
5. I went through school and your still in school, so comeback when you have been through high school and gotten a education.

These comments are highly annoying. Just because someone has a a college education doesn't make them the smartest person in the world. You can be highly educated in book smarts but when it comes to commonsense, then you could be as dumb as a doorknob, like most liberal college students. From my experience, it is best just to shrug off these type of comments and debate with facts. After all, facts are a liberal greatest enemy.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't take adults ALWAYS as an authority.
Trust your heart.
Get the knowledge, use your brains, ask different people if in question, make a little scientific laboratory in your head and conduct a mind experiment there.

Don't take anything for granted.

It was said in the 60s: never trust anyone over 20))

it sounds silly, but they also say:
question authority

All those strategies could be integrated in a way we perceive the world

may i suggest this resource

podcasts are of interest

this one is on contemporary American youth, would be interesting to hear your opinion

I hope you will not get shocked by Jeff's material. It is sorta pessimistic

But i know in my heart that TRUTH will prevail

God Bless

C.G.G said...

Thank you. And thank you for the links.