Friday, July 18, 2008

Liberals Seethe Over U.S Census Bureau

A big victory for traditional values and a big loss for liberals and gay rights activists. The U.S Census Bureau declared that as of 2010, the United States will not recognize same-sex marriages, that includes same sex "marriages" in Massachusetts and California. However that doesn't stop the moonbats over at the Washington Post to go on a all out rant over the U.S Cenus Bureau decision.

"Unfortunately the stupidity and unfairness of that law gives [the census] something of a colorable argument," said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). "It was aimed very specifically at this. It's all the more reason to repeal it. . . . What is it accomplishing by not having an accurate count? It's not even good demographic policy."
The lack of data about same-sex married couples will inhibit researchers who want to better understand a variety of issues, such as wage differences for gay married couples and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, said Gary Gates, a demographer at the UCLA School of Law.
"It limits our ability to get quality information," said Gates, author of the Gay and Lesbian Atlas. "In 2000, the census could very legitimately make the argument that with a same-sex couple, someone couldn't [legally] be a husband or wife. And so they were making an inaccurate response accurate by changing them to an 'unmarried partner.' The situation now is different. You are changing potentially accurate responses to inaccurate responses."

Of course with legalizing same-sex marriage would contradict evidence that heterosexual marriages is the best family setting to raise children in. I don't understand stand why liberals stand up for things like sexuality but then again liberals have values like a drunken frat boy.


Anonymous said...

this is what my friend wrote to me in response to my question on how AIDS/homo situation was developing in the 80s in Cali, you might be interested.

But let it settle in your mind, don't jump to conclusions, i am not that sure myself, may be because of "consensus pressure" still felt an obligation to share with you:
There is no doubt, despite propaganda to the contrary, that in the USA AIDS is mainly a homosexual problem. There was a legal controversy many years ago involving a friend of mine, named Bryan Ellison. He co-authored a book on AIDS by one of the discoverers of retro-viruses. The book alleged that the connection between AIDS and HIV was correlative rather than causal. That is to say, HIV is a marker for the risk behaviors that causes AIDS; so that AIDS is caused by behaviors that wreck the body's immune system. Strong aphrodisiacs used by gays, repeated anti-biotic use, repeated infection by Hepatitus and venereal diseases, all break down the immune system over time. This argument was met with a massive legal offensive in which Ellison was forced to leave the country and the book was confiscated during its first printing. I have two copies of the book with me. This is an unusual example of a book successfully suppressed in the United States.

Bryan was crushed by the Lavender Mafia, which is surprisingly powerful in the U.S. One ought to note that Hitler was a homosexual and put into power by a homosexual network that advanced him. This is not fully understood and has been documented by at least one historian. A very brave historian, by the way.

and this was my answer then:

Very interesting and disturbing it is. But so true.
I was reading about some deceases recently and not so recently and noticed that there are SO MANY diseases that gays have on a much wider scale then normal people. Including complications from papiloma virus, herpes, etc, etc, etc.

For instance human papiloma virus causes no problem in normal men but homos are known to have anal or penile cancer from it. And so on..

Also mainstream view is that homosexuality can not be cured. But the opposite happens - in a lots of cases people become homos later in life. I know some stories and they are also reported frequently.

SO this propaganda of homosexuality is totally a lie and dangerous manipulation and must be stopped at any price.

I will look up the book online. Almost everything can be found online))

The book is listed on Amazon. But can not be ordered.

That book was probably a unique occasion in US when court in NY baned its publication and ordered destruction of the printed copies. I think official reason was some publishing technicality or copyrights, - u can find out.

Also it is interesting to read wiki entry on this.

C.G.G said...

Another good read to is Liberal Fascism by Jonan Goldberg. You well be suprised how much liberalism and nazism have in common including the homosexual agenda.

Anonymous said...

o, thanks i will look into it

it is interesting how meaning of words change and it looks like someone is working on it like it is described by Orwel

Liberalism used to mean something very good: free markets, liberties, peoples rights

same way word GAY used to mean happiness and delight

C.G.G said...

Yay but that was before the 60's changed liberalism for the worst.

Anonymous said...

true that

60s were charged with many young people- baby booming generation coming to adult lives

youth is always trying to bring change and new things and it is good

(mind obama speculative slogan CHANGE is exploiting this)

the enemy realized it and exploited

any society has its flaws and American society had lots of thing to correct, so all the above was carefully and masterfully packaged and soviet think tanks delivered the strategy and it was apllied to American society

I only can say: it is a miracle we still survived as a free country

well you may argue that we are not that free.

Lets try to conserve what we have and later we will get it all back when our effort will consolidate and we will gain massive support

another thought i try to spread among friends:

difference between Republic and Democracy lies in a fact that democracy can `elect` hitler who will cancel the republic and democracy

republic is something that puts limits to `majority` wish to put an end to freedom:

you can vote but you can not vote for dictatorship that will take away your voting rights

not many people understand this

God Bless America

Woody said...

Wow.. great mutual admiration society you have going here. Between a Russian skin head and a clueless teenage girl. Wow.

I'm amazed that you two are so dumb about basic history. Like the fact that Hitler had a wife, and a female lover through most of the war. Does the name Eva Braun ring a bell?

What about the fact that gay/lesbian people were the second group targeted (before the Jews) and put into gay ghettos, later turned into labor camps. So, a "gay man" put other gay people into death camps? Why? To eliminate the competition? Oh wait... You probably think the Holocausts is a Jewish conspiracy, right?

And so HIV (which you seem to admit is a retro-virus) is strictly a gay phenomena huh? Your buddy's book (which I read after hearing about it on the Gary Null show) amoung other things claims that this virus only affects gay people. It's so smart that it's able to determine somehow (at a genetic level) if you're gay or not and only infect gay people, huh? But for that to work, wouldn't it mean there's a gene for it to determine that? Meaning sexuality is genetic?

I won't disagree that a small portion of some gay men were doing crazy things (including drugs) in the 80s, and that their systems may have been weak to start with. But lots of people in the US do that (and lots of straight iv-drug users get HIV that way, btw). So, by your own logic, it's not just a gay thing.

And yes xyu ("if that is your real name" as GG would say), some people come out later in life. It has nothing to do with them suddenly changing their sexuality. Most often them were gay all their lives and hid it, having secret lives. Most didn't come out when they were younger because of pressures from family and/or society. Something you should know all about, given the open physical violence going on in your own country toward gay and lesbian people right now.

I wish you two luck in life with the wacko views you've expressed here. Have fun re-writing your own history, making things up as you go along. Maybe Gamer Gal can go over to Russia to visit you xyu! That would be great! You two can stay there while the "evil liberals and Obama destroy the US".


C.G.G said...

Poor Poor Woody. Stuck in the land od stupid. Get life you hippie or a girl but I have a feeling that your gay yourself.