Monday, July 14, 2008

Why Are Liberal Women So Obsessed With Gay "Culture"

I thought about this earlier. Why are liberal women so obsessed with homosexuality. You would think that these women are gay themselves. Like yoai fan girls and legacy writers. Reading and looking at their "art" you would think that they are gay. I mean even gays aren't as obsessed with "gay culture" as these women. Hell they must be saying "Hey, ix-ne on the ag-fay all the ime-tay, okay?" My main question to them is why are you gals so obsessed with sex and sexuality. I mean that kind of think is unhealthy and perverted. I guess this is the kind of question that may never have a answers.

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Anonymous said...

well, 2 reasons i may guess: pointed a correct one: homos for them are just erotic, so..

2.conditioning by subversive agenda: "homos are persecuted kinda thing"

combination of both reinforce each other
i think sexuality and sex is a delightful human gift from God
when it is blessed by LOVE and meant to make those in love happy and is leading towards having children

perversions and things you described are coming as a result of wrong attitudes, that created very unhealthy behaviors on the victims part

i am trying to avoid the crap like that even though i am a big fan of contemporary art

there is a very interesting new show at new york' PS1 museum going on this summer:

it is almost totally devoted to the visions of war

artists have good intuition and it is not a good sign

but we must pray and it will work