Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Majority of Americans Believe We're Winning the War on Terror

Here is something you won't hear in the MSM. For the first time since 2004, the majority of Americans believe America and her allies are winning the war:

"Over half of American voters (51%) now believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror, the highest figure recorded in nearly four years by Rasmussen Reports in a nationwide survey.
Only 16% now think the terrorists are on top, while 27% view it as a stalemate. Prior to this week’s survey, the number who believe the terrorists are winning had never fallen below 20%.
Last July, just 36% thought the U.S. and its allies were winning. At that time, an equal number—36%--thought the terrorists were ahead."

But we all ready knew that since the MSM is is barely reporting anything on the war. But Barrack Obama and his fellow liberals still believe that the war is lost unless of course that the war will help benefits them and their political gain like Obama saying his plan of fleeing Iraq during the worst of the violence would have brought peace in Iraq. It is sicking that liberals would try to take credit for the surge and flip flop to pander to voters.


Anonymous said...

untill we have the fuel proce back to $1 a gallon the war should be considered not won

it is all about the money and power between forces of Liberty and communism

`islamism` is just a cover and a smoke screen

C.G.G said...

Isam and communism both have the same goals and that is to destroy America and the westren world as well as to wipe the jewish and christian religon off the face of the earth.

kabud said...

Islam is a religion kinda a backwards one

people in Islamic countries are very uneducated and easily manipulated

on the other hand communism is a science of power maximization at any cost and could be formulated in 3 basic principles

1.get power at any cost

2.keep power at any cost

3.kill as many people on genocide level if needed to achive 1.and 2.

It is a very big mistake to adopt a view that Islam is the reason for all this.

Enemy manipulators made lots of people think that way, so they can have the West fighting with Muslims

INSTEAD OF PUTTING THE gang in Kremlin and Beijing to justice

we are played in a very devious way

The only winning approach would be to reach to people in those oppressed countries: Muslim world as well as Russian block and Chinese block and SUPPORT their inspirations for freedom as we never cared to do before

If we fail in this pursuit- we gonna lose our prosperity, freedom and most of our population

The anti Islamic rhetoric that right wing is using is exactly what the enemy tried to archive

So far they are successful and we are not(