Sunday, July 13, 2008

Insane Rantings From Talentless Moonbats

Wow this has got to be the most idiotic thing that I have read all weekend. I think I even lost a few I.Q points from just reading the comments. You see I am a fan of the game called The Sims(yes I'm a Sims nerd)and they have quite a bit of fan sites also. Well their site allows you write stories and upload them to their website. A quite a bit of stories on their site some of them are really good and nicely done but most of them however suck ass.
Even their "top" stories look like something that a 7th grader wrote last minute in his writing exam. Well at The Sims 2 website there is a thing that they do called "Legacies". A Legacy is were you try to reach ten generation of Sims. Well legacies to put it short are the most unimaginative and overrated pieces of crap that I have ever read. Now you must be thinking "what do a bunch of crappy stories have to do with insane moonbats" well I am getting to that. You see The Sims allow you to have gay Sims and have them "join" in union and The Sims 2 websites does a really crappy job of moderating their site. You will swear that you are reading a bad love novel or a erotic novel.
Yes I read this crap so you don't have to.
A lot of the people who write these stories and post on their threads are extremely moonbatty and you well never see more gay right supporters all in one place then in The Sims websites and on their fan sites. I can't tell you how much hate mail I got while being on their sites. An example of the hate mail I got are "You B!tch", "Go choke on a D!ck" and many other little gems. Well since this game is so popular with women this would be a good example of the average female moonbat mind.
Subject number one into the mind of talentless female moonbats is a Sims fan site called is a site where a bunch of legacy writers from all over the western world talk about their Sims and other stuff. Well this one writer name Orikes (who in my opinion is a very overrated and mediocre writer( I am amazed that her work is always on top in The Sims site, that just tells me that you don't need actual talent, real humor or imagination in today's world) and others talentless writers went in moonbat rant mode over gay marriage. Here is the translation their words in grey and my words in red:

scomlig: Also, I loved your statement about gay marriage! Now if we could only get the other 48 states to agree.
Don't bet on it. California could repeal the court decision on gay marriage in November. By the way the people in California and Massachusetts didn't even vote for gay marriage. Activist judges were the ones that over turned California and Massachusetts decision to baned gay marriage. Most people don't want gays to marry even some gays don't support gay marriage ether. It just the Supreme Court in Mark Levin word is destroying America and tradition values. By the way the guy who wrote that comment is a male. So much for masculinity in today's day and age huh? Their all being replace with a guy like this? Excuse I need to go in a conner and cry for are man who are being turned into sissy metrosexuals.

Orkies: Maybe someday the ignorant and bigoted government types would catch up to the rest of us. Maybe one day you well grow up get out of that liberal hive called New York and learn that real Americans not the make-believe people in your computer don't support gay marriage. Then again I guess that you believe that most Americans are unenlighten religious bigots. Do "right" of a small minority out weigh the American peoples decisions and views. Oh by the way how is our government bigoted when allow gays to share the same rights as everyone else born in America while in the middle eas there is no gays in there countrys because they killed them all. Yah we are so bigotes.(sarc/off)

stacilee: ROCK ON, SISTA!! Down with the man!! I really enjoyed how you made the marriage of Kiley and Julie just as sentimental and meaningful as you write the heterosexual pairings. Love is love, no matter who gives it it whom!! Not if that love is unhealthy. Same-sex partnering promotes that sexual desires are more important then giving a child a chance to be raised by a mom and dad. Why rob them of that? Then again I think that to hard for you to comprehend. Also most gays have a fifty percent chance of dying before living to be 65 and the median death age for homosexual men is 42 and with homosexual women the median age of death is 49.

And some troll from Canada wrote this little gem:
Purplebunny:Julie and Kiley's wedding was beautiful. As for the political stuff... y'know, eventually your government is going to come around. Probably after you've had a bit of a shift in the general political leanings of the state and federal supreme courts, and I'm guessing it'll be handled through the courts, initially. That's how it was done in Canada around the same time Chris and I got married--so about 3 years ago. It's a subject I feel fairly passionate about... I just have this opinion that what goes on in peoples' bedrooms is nobody's business but theirs, and that everyone deserves equal consideration under the law. MOAR separation of church & state FTW!
Because comrade Obama will bring fourth a new age to you dumb religious Americans. Why the hell should some moonbat from Canada tell us what to do. This is the kind of crap Republicans should run on their ads. Nothing pisses off the average Americans more then a moonbat from another country telling us how we should run the most powerful country on Earth. Also one more tidbit is that the very foundation of western civilization has always been traditional marriage and the traditional family.
SnootCB: Here, here! You normally don't make such bold political statements (although many of your views are pretty obvious from your writing), but I wanted to shout "HUZZAH" after reading that sentiment. Most of the people around here are very politically and religiously conservative, so it is always nice to here from someone who shares my OMGheathen views. Help me! I am stuck here in bitter land were a bunch of gun carrying Jesus freaks refuse to be reeducate errr.... I mean enlighten themselves with my new age crap views. Why not move to the left coast if you hate Texas so much however I well bite my tongue on that statement since I live in a blue state and the last thing we need are more insane moonbats.

Orikes: Julie and Kiley's wedding was important for me to get into one of the updates. I probably could have played it down a little, but this is something I feel strong about. Love is love and it's simply ignorance and prejudice to believe that a gay couple is any less capable of loving one another or the children they choose to raise. I go on a rant every time I see protestations against gay marriage equated with 'protecting the children'. Give me a freakin' break. Because it is in part helping kids you insane moonbat. Why rob a child of not having a mom and dad. A child needs a mother and a father. Most children who are raised in a same-sex household have the terms and well being of a child in a single parent household. Sure some heterosexual marriages don't work like my parents marriage for example however the reason for marriage is to raise and have children and promote a healthily lifestyle. The job of a parent is also to promote gender roles to the children. The homosexual lifestyle is both historically and culturally radical. I mean if gays can marry then why shouldn't incest couples, zoophilia, pedophilia or polygamist couples marry to.

I love it. I love how these humor and thought challenged moonbats believe that the are always fighting for the oppressed, innocent little guy never mind the fact that a lot of these gay groups are part of a radical fringe like *cough*DistruptingChurchServives*cough* and *coughcough*HarrassingBoyScouts*cough*. I have only scratch the surface of this people. I well make sure I post more of this kind of stuff in the future or whenever I find more of this insane crap which won't be hard.


Woody said...

Wow... you criticize others for being "poor writers", and then use terrible grammar in your post. One example being the double parenthesis set above, with one left unterminated.

And FYI: Yes, the rights (note my proper us of plural here) of a small minority do indeed out weigh the American peoples decisions and views. If it didn't we'd still have slaves and anti-miscegenation laws preventing inter-racial marriage. Or are you for that too?

Reality is, it's the rights of minority groups that need the most protection. If you're in the majority, you're already protected, being part of the larger whole.

C.G.G said...

What does my spelling have to do with peoples crappy stories. I wasn't criticizing people on their grammer I was criticizing them on how they use their stories as political statements. Oh by the way what does someone who is black and white have to do with gay marriage. Plus what does the over hundreds of years of suffering and racism of someones skin color have to do with someones lifestyle choice. The large majority of Americans are christian and don't believe in gay marriage. Why should we rewrite are constitution for a small minority to marry?
"Yes, the rights (note my proper us of plural here) of a small minority do indeed out weigh the American peoples decisions and views." Typical liberal view. Give less power to the people and more to the government. Now what do you call that communism? Oh by the way more republicans were for egual right for blacks then you commie liberals. I suggest you read Tammy Bruce. Oh and FYI: she was once a leftist and knows the true face on liberalism. By the way she is a gay herself. By the way a lot of these minority groups have more rights then some of the majority of Americans.

Woody said...

>Oh by the way what does someone who is black and white have to do with gay marriage.

Because 50 years ago, the exact same rant was used to justify laws against blacks and whites being allowed to marry. They didn't want to allow marriage for such couples, and passed local laws and measures to prevent it, just like they're doing now for gay and lesbian people. It took "activist judges" and court cases to override the "will of the people" to protect the rights of minorities.

And btw: We don't need to "re-write the constitution" to allow gay marriage. There's nothing in the constitution that forbids it! It's the right-wing "moonbats" (like you) that are pushing for a constitutional amendment to "protect" marriage. Because clearly two men getting married is what broke up your parents marriage... or maybe not.

In fact, the constitution literally supports the rights of all to "the pursuit of happiness". All we need to do is update the laws that explicitly call out marriage (like tax code, and death benefits) to include domestic partnerships. Or, we can put a federal rule in place to push states to issue licenses for unions, and get out of the marriage business, which they shouldn't be in to start with.

And yes, there were a number of Republicans for black rights, but most of them were "Goldwater Republicans", which are now Democrats. Back in that day and age the Republican party was quite progressive, and the "conservative" brand that exists now were a very small minority within the party. They were called Literalists back then, since most were also literal biblical groups (which supported slavery, and opposed mixing of races based on scripture, including: 2 Corinthians 6:14, Matthew 15:22-28, Genesis 9:24-25, and Exodus 21:28-32). But you're obviously too young to remember that.

Funny how the same group of folks that were against interracial marriage in the 50s are now screaming about gay marriage. Most of them not realizing (or being too young to remember) how literalist years ago said interracial marriage would destroy the nation and the "institution of marriage", and are making the same claim now. Sad really. I just hope in 50 more years they'll have moved on to some other "righteous cause" when the rest of society sees gay marriage to be just as normal as they see interracial marriage now.

I also don't see how allowing gay and lesbians the right to marry (or have their own private lives) gives the government more power. How does that help the "big government"? It doesn't. It also has no effect on the "institution of marriage", since as noted above, to men or women being able to marry won't affect straight marriages in any way at all. What it would do is protect families that already exist. Where children with two same sex parents can get coverage from one or the others medical insurance. Or don't have to worry about what happens if daddy dies and his family sues their other daddy for the house, claiming they have a right as family, but the partner and "his children" don't, since they're not related.

Don't you feel great about trying to keep families from having stability? Isn't your parents marriage so much stronger because gay marriage wasn't allowed back when they were together? Aren't you proud that you were able to nip this "liberal activist" with your witty banter?

Nice world you live in.

C.G.G said...

And nice little idiotic world you live in. I am a Goldwater Republican myself and their are many others like me. Not alot of Democrats I see around here are Goldwater Democrats most of them Liberal socialist who are kicking out conservative Dems. Oh and by the way don't talk to me about bi-racial marriages to me. My late grandmother was hispanic and my grandmfather is white. Oh and how stable can gay marriage be for a child if they you devoild them of a mother and father? We have thought hard for equal rights for blacks even going into a civil war for them. Many people changed their minds on blacks when they heard Martin Luther King Jr. and others speak out aginst racism and a dream for a color blind America. No man should be judge by their skin. However you like most moonbats twist the argument about something that is off topic. Yes we are all intitled to the "the pursuit of happiness" however we were founded on Judeo-Christian vaules and traditions. If you were a christian you would know that. Oh and by the way Christianty grew up and so should you.

C.G.G said...

Oh and by the way my late grandmother and grandfather got married in the 50's no less. So don't talk to me about bi-racial marriages.

C.G.G said...

By the way nowhere in the bible does it say the a person souldn't mixes race. What bible have you been reading the ones given out by Obama's Church? But they do say that homosexuality is a wrong behavior. In Matthew 19:4-6, 2 Tmothy 3:16, Leviticus 18:20 and in Romans 1:27. You know what sir, you are a uneducated MORON. I have never meet anyone who is more bat-shit crazy then you and I live in the Pacific Northwest. Oh and FYI: Moses' wife was black (well, darker than he was) - most of the Midians were. SO much for racism in the bible you deranged moonbat.

The Atheist said...

While I certainly don't agree with your views (and from your childish, poorly written rants I gather you are fairly young), I do take serious issue with your intolerant attitude. The Bible also says that we should stone people to death who sin. Divorce is not allowed in the Bible. Premarital sex? Adultery? KILL 'EM ALL! There are LOTS and LOTS of things in the Bible that we would never even consider doing today. The Bible was written thousands of years ago and cannot and should not be taken as a literal moral guide for today.

As for racial issues, what Woody so succinctly pointed out and you so obliviously ignored was that your reaction to gay marriage is EXACTLY the way that people used to react to interracial marriage 50 years ago. Your intolerance ranks among those who believed blacks to be inferior to whites. Congratulations!

And finally, you cannot honestly tell me that as someone with DIVORCED parents that all children need to have a mother and father figure in their life. Do you believe single parenthood should be outlawed? Should divorces be outlawed? After all, ALL CHILDREN NEED A MOTHER AND FATHER FIGURE, RIGHT? Fucking Christ, you're so hypocritical it's actually ridiculous. I sincerely hope you were brainwashed by your ultra-conservative radical Christian church, because I simply cannot come up with a reason someone would be as moronic as you.

Don't worry, I'm an atheist. I'm sure you can chalk this all up to Satan. I wish I was Satan, because I'd send you straight to hell.