Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Insane Rantings From Talentless Moonbats

Susan (show mercy for the terrorist that killed our troops) Sarandon and her sperm donor husband Tim (douchebag) Robbins, don't want and are opposing a new hospital three blocks from their home.
"The Oscar-winning liberals recently attended a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing to oppose St. Vincent’s plea to build a new, larger hospital on West 12th Street, three blocks from their home. This despite their support of causes like UNICEF and Champions for Children. “The hospital provides $40 million in care to the indigent every year,” one proponent told us. “Robbins dismissed more than 100 people rallying in support of the hospital - low-income, union workers and veterans of the AIDS crisis - as ‘those people out there."

Funny if this happened to you or me and we were opposed to having a hospital built in our neighborhood then people like Sarandon and Robbins will call us heartless. Funny how double standards work.

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