Friday, July 18, 2008


Read this from Michelle Malkin it's just sick and disgusting:

An artist’s video game that is being exhibited at a free-speech exhibit in Chicago challenges players to kill the president.
The video game is part of a “confrontational art” exhibit by Chicago-based artist Wafaa Bilal.
In the 3-D game, “The Night of Bush Capturing; A Virtual Jihadi,” players are sent on a mission to kill President George W. Bush.
Bilal, 42, said his art is a personal attempt to deal with the deaths of citizens in the country of his birth. The artist said his brother died in Iraq in 2004 from a U.S bomb.
The game is part of the Freedom of Speech exhibition at FLATFILE Galleries. It runs until Aug. 22.
The game was scheduled for exhibition in March at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., but school administrators shut it down after less than a day, according to a TimeOutChicago blog post.
“The game itself is not an act of terrorism,” said one protester. “But it simply promotes it.”

This is just disgusting. I wonder if anybody told this "artist" that openly saying or showing the president of of the United States being killed or saying that you want to kill him is a crime. I wonder when some lawyer will be man enough to bring this man to trial. This guys "art" sounds like some of the work that my idiot liberal classmates wrote in English class. Whats really sick is that our tax dollars go to fund this guys "art".

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