Sunday, July 13, 2008

Generation Kill: Another Leftist Troop Bashing T.V Series

On HBO(where else?) run the first episode in their new T.V mini-series Generation Kill which was a book written by reporter Evan Wright. Since my familys too poor to afforode HBO and since that talentless hack Bill Maher still on there after nemerous religon bashing we wouldn't subsribe to HBO anyway. Christian Toto however took the bullet so you and me don't have to:

"The miniseries, which begins at 9 p.m. EST July 13, follows the Marines of the First Reconnaissance Battalion who led the charge in the Iraq war’s first few days. The miniseries tracks their progress through Iraq, their mission changing every day, and sometimes every hour. Chaos and a total lack of proper management are the hallmark of the invasion’s early chapters, to hear Kill’s take on the material. But then how did the U.S. forces
manage to topple Saddam Hussein’s army so efficiently?
The first of seven hour-long episodes is so unrelentingly negative it may take a miracle for viewers to tune in next week. Even the first hour’s lone positive, a scene in which Marines get surprised by stacks of pizza boxes, turns sour when they learn the slices aren’t free.
We’re told much of the dialogue, and action, came straight from Wright’s notebook. But a good dramatist understands the need for balance. Instead, the miniseries spends too much time focusing on every military misstep, the camera lingering on dead Iraqi bodies as long as possible."

Moonbats well never admit the sucess our troops have done in Iraq mainly because if they admit that the surge was sucessful then they would have to admit that President Bush was right all along and they be damned if they allow gave President Bush any credit. Then agian they hate the troops also. What a shame.

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