Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't Eat At McDonalds

I'm Not Lovin' IT
No, this isn't one of those vegetarian post which I tell you big corporations are evil and meat is murder. Rather its who McDonald's is sponsoring:

A coalition of pro-family groups, spearheaded by the American Family Association (AFA), sponsored the press conference at the McDonald’s world headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. The coalition was accused of “hatred” by a company spokesman because they are boycotting McDonald’s for sponsoring the homosexual agenda.
At the press conference, Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs for Liberty Counsel, explained what the McDonald’s spokesman said that infuriated the boycotters. “While referring to Christians and other people with traditional values, McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman arrogantly told The Washington Post that, ‘Hatred has no place in our culture,’ thereby suggesting that people who support the historical definition of marriage are simply motivated by ‘hate.’”
Last spring McDonald’s gave $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, an
organization that “is committed to forming a broad-based coalition, representative of the various interests of LGBT owned and friendly businesses, professionals, and students of business for the purpose of promoting economic growth and prosperity of its members.” The NGLCC advocates same-sex marriage and other homosexual agenda items.

Whatever, I don't like McDonald's crappy food anyway. I'm more of a Wendy's and Johnny Rockets girl myself, but what McDonald's is doing is really idiotic. Not only did they rip at Christians, conservatives and others who stand up to traditional values as people "motivated by hate" but they pisst off a large majority of their customers to make a political statement. So do yourself a favor, drive pass McDonald's when your hungry and spend your money elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, found your comment on Pajamas.

In this times people of conservative patriotic views should morally support each oter and unite

God Bless America


C.G.G said...

Thank you.