Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To "Woody" The Asshat

Dear woody if that is your real name. I just wanted to tell you that no where in the bible does it say that people can't mix races or marry. I have read all the verse you wrote down in my comments and no where in those verse say people can't mix races but the bible does say that gays can't marry such as in Matthew 19:4-6, 2 Timothy 3:16, Leviticus 18:20 and in Romans 1:27. What bible were you reading the ones passed out by Obama's church? Oh and FYI: Moses' wife was black (well, darker than he was) - most of the Midians were. So much for racism in the bible you deranged moonbat. Maybe I should read to you the Deuteronomy which tells you what happens to men who lie with other men, dogs and etc. Oh and FYI again: My grandparents who were a bi-racial married couple married in the 50's no less so don't talk about bi-racial marriages to me pal! You know what you are sir? You are a uneducated MORON! I have never meet anybody as insane as you and I live in Washington State! By the way who are you really? I now that you are from boolprop.com or a legacy writer. Way to get pwned asshat.


Orikes said...

You're really showing your age with your responses to Woody's comments. If you want to be taken seriously as a legitimate blogger, you should not resort to name calling when someone gives a counter argument that you do not like.

Woody did not say that there was racism in the Bible. He said that passages of the Bible were used to support keeping mixed-race marriages illegal. Which they in most of the country until the late 1960's. Those who opposed allowing legal mixed race marriages often quoted the passages that Woody noted for you as proof that God did not want black and white people to marry.

You mention that one of your grandparents was Hispanic. That didn't carry the same level of stigma that a black and white marriage might of, so you're a bit off base comparing your grandparents situation to what Woody is describing.

You also show your own ignorance by much of what you say. Given your age, it would be forgiveable, except for the fact that you have put yourself on a pedastal as some sort of authority. When you can write an argument without spelling errors and huge grammatical mistakes AND resorting to insults when you're not being agreed with, you might have a future in the field you'd like to go into. Telling someone they're an 'uneducated moron' and an 'asshat' because they don't agree with you is the easiest way to make people realize how immature and uneducated you are rather than the other way around.

Scott said...

I think we're getting a little off topic here. The important thing to remember here, "conservativegamergal", if that is your real name, is this:


On a lark, I was thinking of building some sort of cool interface where you could roll over a blog entry and little boxes would appear, and then i could highlight like every other word you say to show you specific lines, exactly where you are wrong, and what the correct thing to say is. I mean, you have some righteous comedy sprinkled in your blog. Like the part where -- and I have to wipe away the tears of laughter when I think about you actually seriously thinking this one -- where you said the civil war was about slavery! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's hilarious!!! I could cover your whole blog with comic gold like that!!! Hilarious!!!

So I mean, I was going to build this thing to highlight all the things you say that are laughable. I was going to call it The Blog-Mocker©. It would be like a big blooper reel!! But then I realized I had way too many other meaningful things to do than waste my time on the likes of name-calling things like you.

You can be sure of one thing though: The Blog-Mocker© would employ a spell-checker.

Woody said...

LOL... Awesome. So, you stew for a few posts, and then rant (with typical frothing, miss spelling, and poor grammar), assuming a read your blog regularly.

Reality is, the world is a lot bigger than your pathetic little life. I was pointed to this blog by a friend and posted a comment mainly to help educate you. I'm not a regular blogger, have never heard of "boolprop.com", and don't write much of anything. So much for what "you [k]now".

What I posted wasn't that the Bible is racist, but what people pointed to in the 50s to claim the Bible supported their racism. The verses in Matthew for example were interpreted where Jesus said he would not throw bread to the dogs as meaning he wouldn't "waste" the word of God on Gentiles. They then would argue if Christ was unwilling to help her because she was not of his race that it was clear their hatred of blacks was justified, and races should not mix. It's not good logic, but at the time it was supported as the way to interpret the verses by many churches.

As for the scripture you quoted, the only one that directly says anything about homosexuality is Leviticus, which is a book about how to be a priest (aka a "Levi") of the church. You'll note that chapter 18's theme is "don't do things the Egyptians do". The exact translation is that a male priest shall not lie with a male (hierodule, or "temple prostitute"), since at the time it was actually common to find such things in Egyptian churches. (Usually to cure an ailment, promote good harvest, or some other nonsense.) It also says not to wear cloth of two blends, not to eat pork or shell fish, and many other things I doubt you follow. Do you hide from society for a whole week when you menstruate? Leviticus 15:19 says you should, and that you should sacrifice a dove, drench another dove with first doves blood, and then set it free every time you have your monthly visitor. (Or you can kill one, quarter it, and make it a burnt offering, in case you can't afford 2 doves.) Are you doing that? Thought not...

I was hoping to come here and shed a little light into the tiny little world you live in. Hope this helps... And maybe later in life when you realize that you've got something that makes you (or your child) different, you'll think back to this and remember your words about how the "majority" should rule. Rule by majority (or mob mentality) is dangerous to everyone eventually. Nobody is ever perfectly normal, no matter how hard you try.

Again, if you think it's wrong for gay people to marry, or live, or whatever, thats great. Be a bigot. But don't be surprised when karma comes around and bites you square on the butt for it later.

C.G.G said...

hehehe. Geez you guys are idiots. Acourse I would respond to him. HE WAS WRONG! GOD is that to hard for you to understand.
"Bible were used to support keeping mixed-race marriages illegal. Which they in most of the country until the late 1960's. Those who opposed allowing legal mixed race marriages often quoted the passages that Woody noted for you as proof that God did not want black and white people to marry."
Orikes there was NOTHING IN the bible that said that mixed races is illegal. God is that what college does to people then I hope to never go and become a ranting moonbat like you.

Scott I did not say the civil war was about slavery. The civil war was about state rights but a part of it was about slavery. And I like bloging beacuse it helps me expose moonbats like you.

Woody how am I a bigot, by the way I am new at this so my spelling will improve but your deranged views won't. By the way your little rant didn't help me turn into a deranged moonbat like you. Get a life and move out of mom and dads basement and see the real world.

Scott said...

YES! That's the kind of hilarity I'm talking about!! Shit, man, I could watch you go on all day! It's so adorable watching you say funny things like that! Reading your blog is like watching a monkey fumble with a rubix cube -- you're completely confounded by the subtlety of how to think your way through it, but it's incredibly endearing to watch you struggle with it.

I admit, I was really cheering for you to get through a sentence without a mis-spelled word. And you almost made it too, before you collapsed into a string of unparseable gibberish! THE DRAMA!!!

Okay, now quack like a duck!!!

C.G.G said...

Wow! You must fell like a big man insulting a teen. I bet you don't have a girlfriend do you. My adive, move out of mommy and daddys basement and get a girl friend, a life or get off the bong. By the way thank you for adding to my page views.

Woody said...

>Orikes there was NOTHING IN the bible that said that mixed races is illegal.

No... It was illegal in most states in the US until the Loving case in 1958 was heard by the supreme court. And throughout the 50s (and 60s) several churches were fighting it and quoting scripture to "prove" God didn't want the races mixing. That you disagree with their interpretation of the verses now is more a factor of the times you live in. Where you the "conservative" girl you are now back in the 50s, you would have been against it, and believed the hype the church was preaching about those verses.

The fact that churches (both priests and layman like) used these verse to try to justify their racism is a fact, not an opinion. If you dis-believe it, ask your parents or school history teacher. They'll tell you it was commonly done in the 50s across the country. Maybe you should spend less time blogging and more time studying your school work, like say, your history lessons?

>The civil war was about state rights but a part of it was about slavery.

Wow... bravo... Something did get to you in school. The slavery issue wasn't introduced until near the end of the civil war. Now go ask your history teacher about the Loving case...

>Woody how am I a bigot

A bigot is someone who wants to deny a group or sub-group of people rights that they themselves enjoy. It's not strictly race based, just ask Mr. Webster. You enjoy the privilege of having the right to marry the person you love, but would deny that right to others based on their grouping. And it doesn't matter if it's a choice or not... Religion is a choice, yet discrimination based on religion is illegal.

>By the way your little rant didn't help me

Sorry to hear that...

>Get a life and move out of mom and dads basement and see the real world.

Again, your youth and assumptions prove how dumb you are. I've been living "in the real world" on my own longer than you've been alive. I've lived in NYC, NJ, upstate NY, and traveled the country on business and for pleasure. I've been to 28 states, at least 7 different countries, and speak 3 languages.

When YOU move out of your parents basement, maybe you'll see the real world. Enjoy the little bubble you live in while you can. I suspect when you finally have to go out into the real world on your own the transition for you is going to be quite rough. Especially with your attitude.

Anonymous said...

don't pay attention to those idiots

you are strong and smart

and they are morons exactly like u said

God Bless

C.G.G said...

Don't worry xyu. They are nothing but worthless scum. Like I said in my other post, you can be strong in book smarts and still have vaules and common sense of a druken frat boy.
Orikes I will say this to you and thats is thank you for being respectful to me and not resorting to cursing at me.
And woody you are still a god complex asshat.