Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stuff That I Really Hate

I came across quite a bit of bloggers that post their likes and dislikes so I thought why not, sounds like fun. So here are stuff I hate, loathe or can't stand(and when mean hate I mean HATE!:

1. Yaoi and yuri and their fan girls/boys. ( Nothing but gay perverted shit from perverted girls and boys with unhealthily sexual fantasy who are really gay men or gay women trap in women or mens bodies but I shouldn't say that because that is totally unfair to gays because not even gay dudes or gals are as into that gay crap as yoai or yuri fan girls/boys . Even gay dudes and gals are like, "Hey, ix-ne on the ag-fay all the ime-tay, okay. Trust me yoai or whatever the hell they call it does nothing but promote the homosexual lifestyle, rape, statutory rape, pedophilia. Must of these girls in my opinion have never had gender roles, have unhealthily mentality and have a sexual identity problem. Trust a lot of their "art"(I use that word loosely) is nothing but perverted and disgusting shit. What kind of parents let their girls get into this kind of stuff? This kind of stuff is the worst that Western society has to offer. My favorite argument from them and their motto is "well homosexual love is stronger then heterosexual love". Ya whatever. I have heard this saying from liberals in the media for years. They just can't look at the fact that homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle and isn't consider by a large minority as normal. Nobody wants to see two guys or two girls making out. Take me word, don't look or read these fan girls/boys "art". You well be disturb for life and loss whatever innocence you had left because to these freaks they believe that breaking these kind of taboos makes them brave, it doesn't, it makes them look like perverted, sick freaks.)

2. Anime and manga (Most are anti-American, perverted, weird or pro-green movement.) I ironically though like the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series, but then again those games are far from anything that I said above.

3. Celebrity News shows like Access Hollywood.

4. Hollywood (they are really out of imagination as well as being full of socialist)

5. People who are Anti-American and Anti- Israel

6. People who hate are man and women in the military

7. Family Guy ( I hate this show. Seth McFarland is nothing but a closet gay, anti-america , anti-conservative, Christphobic pig. Yes Seth you are a pig.)

8. Environmentalist( Hey I like a clean environment as the next gal but most environmentalist hate mankind and would love nothing more then to see us all living in the Stone Age.)

9. Mad TV( hey why don't we make a whole season of Bush-bashing jokes instead of coming up with actual jokes like in the old seasons!)

10. Comedy Central ( Aside from South Park, most of the shows are all anti-Bush, Anti-conservative and anti-middle America.)

11. HBO ( Sure they have good mini-series like "The Gathering Storm" and "John Adams" but having Bill Maher use his show daily to bash Judaism, Christianity and Americans as well as having that redicious movie "Recount" which of course makes the Democrats and Al Gore the heroes and Bush and the Republicans the evil villains. Oh and lets not forget "Generation Kill" Needless to say I won't ever subscribe to HBO.)

12.Feminist Shows like Ugly Betty (which has a young boy play a gay and flamboyant child. I kid you not.), Sex and The City ( do I really need to explain myself?) Desperate Housewives( read my post in July why) and anything on Oxygen or Lifetime.

13. Lifetime and Oxygen network. ( There both the same with their all men are evil, glamorizing single motherhood, lesbianism, metrosexuality, man-hate television shows. I think I just described every show on Lifetime and Oxygen.)

14. Teen Drama Shows like Gossip Girls and their clones or the show that came before them. Lets glamorize teen sex, drinking and drugs.

15. The View ( Don't need to explain myself.)

16 .MSNBC, CNN, ABC NBC and CBC ( The Barrack Obama and Marxist fan clubs.)

17.Lisa Simpson on The Simpson's ( he makes me want to grab my dads gun and shoot the tv screen.)

18. Every single television on CBC, NBC and ABC or any other network that's is anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-military and anti-male. or basically your average Law and Order episode.

19. PETA (Human haters)

20. MTV (Again don't need to explain myself.)
21. Teenagers ( I hate teens. All they care about is the most stupidest things like MTV, glamorizing and bragging about sex and drugs. Crying and throwing a hissy fit over their boyfriend of four days dump them. And of course how stupid they see the world. Like saying we hate Bush, Cheney is Satan, Obama is a Rock Star, Iraq War is illegal, capitalism is evil, America is evil, Europe is so much better the America, Israel is evil and religion is is evil. Trust me I have heard it all from kids my age. This is what happens when we allow liberal to teach our kids. They turn them into new age Democrats.)

22. Magazines like Seventeen, Trigger Beat or CosmoGirl. All those magazines do is teach young girl to be whores and not to listen to your parents. My late Uncle Glenn never allowed my cousin Sarah to read that crap. My father is the same with me.
23. Sissy men or metrosexuals. I like men that have masculinity and a spine not one that cries and concerned with their looks more then me.
24. Rap and Pop or whatever kind of new crappy music that the music industry is churning out these days.
25. Chick Flicks (boring cry-a-thons)
26. Flies


Caleb Spaulding said...

So you are like my dream girl, your amazing!!

Caleb Spaulding said...

I cant even begin to describe how right you are about all of this!! I am 18 and I have felt like I am the only person on this earth my age that feels like this. But after reading your blog I guess there is somebody else that is my age that isn't crazy and know what there talking about. especially the part about how all the teenagers talk these days!! thats exactly how they talk and the reason they do is because there getting brain washed in school by extreme liberal idiots!