Thursday, August 14, 2008

Newsweek Blames Bush For Georgia Crisis

Of course this isn't surprising especially from Newsweek which hired that POS Markos of the DailyKosSacks to write for them. I have been wonder when the left would blame Bush or protest against this. When I mean protest I mean against the Georgians of course since far left wing liberals love oppress like Russia. I mean they all ready iodize commie, thug, murderer Che.
Of course everything is Buh's fault though and not Putin's Russia:

"The Russia-Georgia conflict is yet another example of why a leader caught up in the romance of resistance should not rely on Washington. What Saakashvili should have learned from history--and the American South."

I wonder what well become of the people on Newsweek when they can't blame President Bush for every little thing. Oh that's right they'll just bash McCain if he is elected.


Chimpout said...

Newsweek is incredibly biased. The sad thing is that there is a consortium of Liberal left wing organizations that run the media. Newsweek for instance - it's linked to from and, which if you use hotmail you are automatically directed too. Then on msn they link you to black pride websites, along with all the msnbc and newsweek liberal garbage. It's really sad how liberals control so many outlets of information. This is only one example.

C.G.G said...

I agree. Newsweek is nothing but crap. The most biased story I seen from them was their attack on global warming skeptics.