Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Russia-Gerogia War

I have been hearing about this a lot from the blogosphere and I wanted to have a word on it. I had a feeling Russia would try to do something like this. I always believed that they were still our enemies. I found it quite fishy that they didn't want a missile defense system near Europe. Not only that but they have been giving our enemies weapons to use to attack our troops and allies. I believe that Russia has always been the puppet master with everything that has been going on. Its quite funny that Putin is giving out statements and not President Medvedev. Putin should cut the act and name himself czar already. He is a unstable little man with a Napoleon complex. This man wishes to restore Russia but to the Cold War era. Back when they were the most feared country in the world. What surprise me the most is how little the United States is helping our allies the Georgian. The Georgian have helped us in the War on Terror by sending 2000 of their own men into Iraq, I think its time for us to help them. However I think Bush is trying to avoid sending troops to Russia for the main reason of going into a third war. But hat doesn't mean we can't send supplies to them. We have to to something. Russia is a big problem that we can not ignore. Putin hates Western society and if he has his way this could spell the end for Western society. Freedom and democracy are at stake and America needs to act now if they want to keep a hold of the things they hold dear. The fate of the Western world is in our hands. My prays go out to Georgia government and their people and to the Russian people who live in a country with a unstable, evil government and leaders who have given them nothing but misery.

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Anonymous said...

god you are fucking dumb, why would they want a missle system right next to them? why would the united states want a russian missle system in mexico?