Monday, August 4, 2008

Olbermann Is Still Crazy

On Fridays Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Olbermann came up with a conspiracy theory that the Govt. delayed the the anthrax case in order to go to war in Iraq:

"For Friday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann showed up wearing his tinfoil hat to cover the recent break in the Anthrax attacks case from 2001, as he charged that "the government took advantage of this situation to use it as a tool to build up a case to go to war in Iraq," and, stepping into his "conspiracy theory" mode, even suggested that the Bush administration was not interested in quickly solving the case. Olbermann: "And in that context, there would be no rush to find the deranged, solo killer."
During the show's teaser, Olbermann's bizarre choice of words made it sound as if he were theorizing about the possibility of a conspiracy to carry out the Anthrax attacks to build support for invading Iraq, as the MSNBC host used the loaded phrase "it was an inside job" because the suspect was a government employee, and then seemed to link John McCain's speculation from 2001 that the Anthrax "may have come from Iraq," to the "motive." Before playing a clip of McCain, Olbermann teased: "For motive, for explanation, there are few options, and all of them are terrifying, including why people like U.S. Senators were saying this in 2001."

Why does MSNBC still have this insane ranting freak on their show. I mean, this guy called Gen. Petraeus President Bush's lap dog and also told President Bush to shut the hell up. Back then somebody like Olbermann would have had his ass thrown in prison. But then again its MSNBC or should I mean MSDNC, so of course they would never fire bathtub boy even though he is a ratings killer, as long as he share their liberal views he still has his job and his slot on MSNBC. By the way please don't go on my favorite non political show The Soup next time bathtub boy. Why Joel McHale thought it was a good idea is beyond me but what a way to ruin a great episode with Simon Pegg by pairing him with bathtub boy.

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