Monday, August 11, 2008

Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The Evolution, Anti-Christain Theards At Little Green Footballs

Or should I mean Evolution Green Footballs. Look about the whole evolution vs creationism pissing match, I could give a rats ass about it. I believe that religion should be kept out of school and Intelligent Design is religion. There are many kids is school with different religious views and also why would I want a teacher who can't teach math, is anti-American, liberal and can't handle a group of kids teach me about my religion. Look if you are wondering my own personal beliefs it is this. I am a Christian. I have started to read the Psalms and The Holy Bible. My dad read me the Bible ever sense I was young. They were my bed time stories. In the Story of Cain and Abel, when Cain was casted out of The Garden of Eden and marked, Cain asked God that won't the other humans outside of the Garden of Eden kill him when they see that he been marked. Which is quite interesting since Cain was the son of Adam and Eve. So maybe Adam and Eve were the first humans of their kind to display a sense of good and evil as well as modern intelligence. Don't get me wrong, I in no way side with the despicable Discovery Institute or any Intelligent Design bill or group. The teaching of creationism is not science. Granted.
The teaching of evolution is the teaching of existence being random chance. Period.
So which is it? Magic man in the sky? Or absolute 1 in a trillion quadrillion lottery that this all happened? Both are wrong, but there are elements of truth to each. However what I have been noticing is that Charles seems to be writing history. Hilter did use Darwin's teachings for his own religion after all Hilter was a pagan/spiritist who hated Christians and Jews and Darwin's theory is flawed and is still a theory, not a fact. You can't just keep using a flawed theory as a fact.

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