Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Haircuts For The Homeless

The city of Denver will soon have the best looking homeless in America:

"According to Rick Sallinger of the CBS TV station, Denver Human Services has been handing out coupons for free homeless haircuts.
The idea was to make the homeless feel better about themselves. And maybe then they’d get jobs or something.
Rusty Johnson told Rick he hadn’t had a haircut in three or four months and, frankly, didn’t much care about the Democrats caring about his appearance. “I just want to look good and feel good for myself,” he said."

It almost sounds like the ChiComs cleaning up Beijing. Funny thing is, they'll probably look cleaner than most of the covention delegates. :P

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The Atheist said...

Oh, god forbid someone tries to do something nice for homeless people. The irony is that I'm sure you'd be praising this left and right if a right-winger had thought of it. Not that a right-winger would, since when do they care about the homeless?