Thursday, August 7, 2008

President Bush Gets Huge Welcome In Seoul, Korea, Media Ignores

These kind of things touch my heart. In Seoul, Korea, thousands of south Koreans welcomed President Bush and participate in a prayer for the U.S President:

"As President Bush arrived in Seoul, Korea today, the media predicted that Bush’s visit would be met with “large protests”. The “progressives” and anti-U.S. civic groups thought the turn out opposing Bush would be huge. However, 374 conservative groups planned pro-American demonstrations welcoming Bush in Seoul Plaza, just a short distance from the progressive’s rally site.
Turns out,
only a couple hundred protesters came out while 15,000 pro-U.S. Koreans came out to welcome Bush into the capital city of Seoul. "

Yet the media failed to report this story. Of course that doesn't surprise me, since the MSM despises President Bush and have done such a swell job of making him look like a dumb ass and that he is hated through out the world, as well as contributing to his low approval rating. Plus if they report this story, it would prove their messiah Jes-errr Obama wrong. That we are not a mean, bitter country that has destroyed all foreign relationships. Then again, they well be damned if their messiah is wrong. Oh and by the way none of the pro-Bush rallies were government sponsored; they were voluntary rallies by Koreans who appreciate President Bush and the United States.

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