Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh The Horror! Crappy, Hateful, Militant Atheist Sign Is Stolen And Found In A Ditch

That really crappy and hateful militant Atheist sign was stolen and found in a ditch somewhere:
An atheist sign criticizing Christianity that was erected alongside a Nativity scene was taken from the Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington, on Friday and later found in a ditch.An employee from country radio station KMPS-FM in Seattle told CNN the sign was dropped off at the station by someone who found it in a ditch."I thought it would be safe," Freedom From Religion Foundation co-founder Annie Laurie Gaylor told CNN earlier Friday. "It's always a shock when your sign is censored or stolen or mutilated. It's not something you get used to."The sign, which celebrates the winter solstice, has had some residents and Christian organizations calling atheists Scrooges because they said it was attacking the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.

Whats funny is that the wicked witch of the NW aka Christine Gregoire is a Roman Catholic(Funny since she supports abortion which most Catholic are against, then again most liberals well say anything to get votes..). Even though most leftist like Gregoire are really Agnostic or Militant Atheist. Yes there is Freedom of Speech however this is Hate Speech. Funny since liberals love bringing up hate crimes and speech but when its against Christians its deemed fair and a part of the First Amendment. But this is not surprising from Washington State. A Priest friend of my grandmother said it best about Washington: "You have more people worshiping trees then they do God".


The Atheist said...

What about this sign is any more violent, hateful, or intolerant than the crap that you spew near daily on this pathetic excuse for a site?

C.G.G said...

Wow. You really are a piece of work. I have never promoted violence or the such on my blog. If the Atheist made a sign that said: We wish you a happy Winter Solstice filled with Love and Reason then this wouldn't be a promblem. But no. Like you, they wanted attetion and like five year olds they made something hateful to insult millons of people.