Friday, December 19, 2008

My Take On The Whole Rick Warren Thing

As many of you already know, many liberals and gay groups are outraged over Obamas choice to have pro-life, anti-gay marriage and New Age pastor Rick Warren invited to his inauguration However they are outraged over the wrong issue and conservative shouldn't be excited about happy Warren either.( and I don't now way they are, Warren does nothing but lip service) As Debbie Schlussel has noted, Rick Warren is nothing but a pan Islamic, New Age fool. He even went to Syria and praised murderer and thug Assad as a "moderate" never minded the fact that shortly before that anti-Syrian journalist Salim Al-Lawzi disappeared in Lebanon and his hands were sent back to his family from Assad himself. But when he came back he said nothing of Syria helping Iran and Hezbollah kill innocent people( including our own troops), wrack havoc in Lebanon and want to destroy Israel all because most of their people are Jewish and refuse to summit to Islam and their barbaric way of life. It is disgusting that a tool like Warren will be anywhere near an inauguration of a US president... even if its Obama. Rick Warren with his Syrian best friend, the "moderate" Assad

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