Friday, December 5, 2008


This pic speaks for itself. Porn star and jailbird Paris Hilton, posing like in Audrey Hepburn famous picture. This pic of Hilton has ruined that iconic photograph for me(like how yaoi fangirls and fanboys almost ruined Kingdom Hearts for me.) But wait there's more: Paris Hilton Wants To Star As Tinkerbell:
Paris Hilton wants to play Tinkerbell - not her pet Chihuahua, but the famed fairy from "Peter Pan." A source tells us the celebutard is lobbying for the title role in Disney's live-action version of "Tinkerbell," in which the pixie finally gets a chance at life as a real girl. "Paris has worked on her acting chops lately and showed some comedy prowess in her YouTube spoof of running for president," our insider said. "Disney suits saw it and think she may be developing some comedic-actress potential."
Blecek! Why would Disney even consider having Hilton star in a movie targeted to kids more especially young girls. Would you take your daughter to see a movie staring Paris Hilton who most famous claim to fame is staring in a porno which aired on the Internet?

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