Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brrrrrrr! This Global Warming Is Really Kicking Our Butt!

"SEATTLE — It snowed to the north and to the south this morning, now residents are dealing with snowy roads. With temperatures dipping below freezing level tonight, driving conditions could get worse. Another storm could also hit over the weekend.
While the Seattle metro area didn't get a flake of snow, heavy snow fell steadily to the north of Everett and from Tacoma south throughout Wednesday morning. Snohomish County, the Lake Stevens area, Lacey-Olympia and the Cascade foothills received several inches of snow.
Most school districts, including Seattle and Tacoma, have cancelled classes for the day, while others were delayed or reported bus changes."

But, but... I thought (college dropout) Al Gore said that we weren't suppose to have the worst cold front here in rainy and mild Washington State because the ice caps were melting and that they well be gone in five years. What a ass. I hope these snow storms across the country are Mother Natures way of showing people what a desperate, attention seeking idiot Al Gore and his green movement followers are.

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