Friday, January 9, 2009

Sniff, Sniff Seattle P-I Going Out Of Business

One down another hundred to go:

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which first rolled off the presses in 1863 and has been the state's longest-publishing newspaper, is up for sale.
The newspaper's staff was called into a closed meeting today by Publisher Roger Oglesby. Present at the meeting was Hearst Newspaper President Steve Swartz, who told the newsroom that Hearst Corp. is starting a 60-day process to find a buyer.
If a buyer is not found, Swartz said, possible options include creating an all-digital operation with a greatly reduced staff, or closing its operations entirely.
In no case will Hearst continue to publish the P-I in printed form, Swartz said.
Regardless, he said, if no buyer is found, the P-I as a newspaper will not publish after the two months is up.
Swartz discounted rumors that Hearst, the P-I's owner since 1921, was interested in buying The Seattle Times newspaper.
He said the P-I has had operating loses since 2000, losing around $14 million this past year. Greater losses are anticipated this year, he said.
"P-I breaking news editor Candace Heckman said the staff appeared stunned in the newsroom after the meeting.
"People cried, people are still crying, editors are slamming their doors," she said. "There's talking of drowning their sorrows."
Several people have since left the building. A few people are working on stories, but, "I am looking around a newsroom that is not working very much."
Longtime P-I columnist Joel Connelly met reporters outside the globe-topped P-I building overlooking Elliott Bay. He said the newsroom resembled a "yellow jacket nest." Connelly said he rode down the elevator with manager editor David McCumber, who Connelly said summed up the morning with a single profanity."

Ahhh, boo hoo! Could not of happen to more deserving people. That rag hasn't been profitable in over thirty years. Bout time they went out of business. Not all of the Starbuck's in Washington can save them now.( I like Starbuck's though) I wonder who next? I heard the New York Times is filing for bankruptcy in May. I guess 2009 is turning out not to such a bad year after all.

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Caleb Spaulding said...

I just left a comment on an older blog of yours. But I just want you to know that you are sooo right about everything, I am 18 and it makes me happy to see that there is at least one other person my age that has some sense, and isnt some crazy loud mouth liberal that has no idea what there talking about.