Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Bad Soda Goes Into Bad Politics

One of my favorite soda's, Jones Soda, has decided to follow Pepsi in the Obama tank by making a soda, which has a really cheesy name and bad sounding flavor to commemorate Obama being elected. I wonder if Jones would have done the same if McCain was elected? Oh wait I know the answers to that, HELL NO! Well my dad was right, all these people are now starting to come out of the wood work. I am never drinking Jones again. Smart move on their part to alienate half of their customers. But then again, what do you except from a Seattle based company. Nothing but Coke and Snapple tea for me, unless of course they too go on the Obama bandwagon.


Flession said...

Yea, I remember hearing about this on Rush Limbaugh.

Pretty much it's a business thing. The joys of marketing indicate that Lord Barry's likeness sells stuff to the ignorant masses. So therefore, grab the cash while you can.

Can't really blame them for doing this, after all, if I could take full advantage of these dumbass Liberals, I would do it too.

C.G.G said...

Agree but its a bad marketing plan. You will loss many cutomers that didn't vote for him. Jelly Belly never but Reagan face on their packages when he said that they were his favorite candy, for fear of lossing customers.

Flession said...

That's true, but do realise that 53% of the population voted for our Savior, and the fact that Obama-imprinted objects are selling like hotcakes, so you just gotta let the Free Market be the Free Market.

Don't worry, though, they'll change it once Lord Barry stops being a selling point and the Obamaniacs calm down a bit.

Or when he screws us all royally. Whichever comes first.

Granted, this doesn't bother me because I don't drink soda, but still, but I can still see how it would irk the rest of the country.

C.G.G said...

Its when he will screw us all trust me. But even then he will still be love by unthinking leftist. Hell my brother came home from school yesterday and told me that he was force to watch the inauguration and when they showed Jimmy Crater, his teacher said thats the kind of president we should model ourselves after. BARF! And these d-bags are teaching our childern!

Flession said...

Jimmy Carter is man we should model ourselves after?

That's...a new one. Maybe when you build a few houses, but not as a model for life.

Maybe, as a leader, you do the exact opposite of what he did and you'll end up succeeding. Regan did, and look at what he accomplished!

But don't you dare insult the teacher: They are our sacred priest in the Leftist religion.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is that 'Jones Town' soda?

Tyler Durdan says': Don't drink the Kool-aid!