Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Soda Go's Into Bad Politics

Old Pepsi Logo Obama "Hope" logo
New Poltical Pepsi Logo

What's red, white and blue, round in shape and has some curvy lines? President-elect Barack Obama's logo. Pepsi's new logo, too. Adding to "Obama brand" and "Pepsi brand" similarities: Both camps are preaching a message of optimism and hope.
Pepsi spokeswoman Nicole Bradley says that no marketing ideas were exchanged between the Pepsi and Obama teams. "We can't speak to the president-elect's design sensibilities, but we're all over his prevailing spirit of optimism," she says. "That's as refreshingly bipartisan as it gets."

This explains way I have always like Coke over Pepsi. I hated Pepsi even before this little stunt. To me Pepsi tasted flat and like cat urine. Also this also explains my hatred for Pepsi. For a long time Pepsi was one of the leading participants in the illegal Arab boycott of Israel while Coke's a Cola has a bottling plant in Israel.

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George guy said...

Pepsi is designed to win taste tests, while Coke is designed for people who drink whole cups/cans of it.