Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bite Me Washington State!

The idiots at the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, a regulatory agency, is considering whether or not blogging is a form of lobbying:

"Blogger beware? State regulators are wondering whether online political activism amounts to lobbying, which could force Web-based activists to file public reports detailing their finances.
In a collision of 21st century media and 1970s political reforms, the inquiry hints at a showdown over press freedoms for bloggers, whose self-published journals can shift between news reporting, opinion writing, political organizing and campaign fundraising.
State officials are downplaying any possible media rights conflict, pointing out that regulators have already exempted journalistic blogging from previous guidelines for online campaign activity."

A lot of people in the blogosphere, on both the left and right are fight this:

But the blogosphere is taking the notion seriously. One prominent liberal blogger in Seattle is already issuing a dare - if the government wants David Goldstein to file papers as a lobbyist, it will have to take him to court.
Goldstein, publisher of the widely read, wants to know how his political crusades could be subject to financial disclosures while newspaper writers, radio hosts and others in traditional media get a pass.
For most bloggers, Goldstein said, the work "is a hobby, a sideline. And yet they contribute greatly to the public debate and to the new journalism."

I may disagree with Mr.Goldstein political views but he is right on this. Good for him for challenging the state with this. Notice that the stupid a-wipe that wrote this article is saying that radio host are getting a pass. Last I check, The idiot Democrats in DC were trying to Pass the "Hush Rush Bill" aka , the (Un)Fairness Doctrine. Back on topic, until state which I call my home can have a election were three recounts (where the Democrat gain and finds more votes in those recounts) aren't needed to win an election for the Democrats. Then I will take them seriously. Until then they can bite me!

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