Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anti-Prop 8 Protest

Ringo of ringospictures took pics of the Anti-Prop 8 protest. I had to make a post about this. It was just to good to pass up.

Look if it isn't the yaoi/yuri fangirls who made it to protest for gay marriage. If you don't know what yaoi/yuri is then I will write about what it is later, but to say it short its nothing but sick sh*t promoted to, you guess it, young girls. Most of these girls claim to be straight and have demented sexual fantasy mostly straight characters from something then they turned them gay or pair them with someone from the same sex. In real world they are mostly closeted gays or have repressed homosexual desires which is funny because a lot of them HATE women and seeing what they look like, no guy would ever want them or to be part of their sick fantasies. Then again most yaoi/yuri fangirls hate men and (yes) women anyway.(Mostly out of jealousy.) In short, their nothing but a bunch of sick, perverted freaks!

I know I can't believe you guys actually protest about worthless crap.

Of course the liberal gays motto, I'm not even sure that your allowed to do that to the flag.

BWAHAHAHA! Feel screawed don't ya? Kinda wish you voted for McCain now huh? Ironically Obama won by the same percent as Prop 8. So the sign saying that there a 52% chance that your a idiot is really ironic to me.

Oh G-d. Lets see. Being Gay is not the same as century of racism over your skin color, having to sit in the back of a bus, not being allowed to use certain bathrooms, being lynched, being beat up for walking down the street, not being able to vote, not being able to get a job, not being able to attend a university. Dumb asses.

Please, please go away!

This one I didn't get. Its Hannah Montana with a no on Prop 8 sign. What the hell is this on about. It doesn't make any sense.

So all Christian and Jews and yes conservative Gays( traitors in the Gay community's mind) who don't agree with gay marriage are tyrants. Plus the judiciary exist to uphold the Constitution and the voice of the Majority which they haven't been doing in the past few years because the courts have been infected with activist liberal scum.

Didn't a vote of in the House vote of 250-172 as well as the Senate vote of 71-20 pass the Civil Rights of 1968. Also more people were for the Civil Rights then against it( Like great late actor Charles Heston).

Of course the number one supporters of gays, so called "Straight Women". I don't know why so many women love gay men. I guess they just like having a girlfriend with a penis who into fashion and makeup and other crap. Me, no thank you, I like manly men not sissy men.

Jesus also spoke out against homosexuality: : "From the beginning of the creation G-d made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh... What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder."(Matthew 19:4-6) Which means in English G-d intended man to be heterosexual. Also Jesus preached TOLERANCE NOT ACCEPTANCE OF WRONG BEHAVIOR. Just wanted to spell that out for you.

I am sure you make a good prison bitch.

Notice the person holding this sign is a guy. Now I wonder why he would be holding a sign like this, that or his girlfriend has his testicles in a lock somewhere.

Gay Marriage will NOT be! You can't change Destiny!

More badly, half naked dressed freaks.

I would of think it was those G-d awful shoes. Who wears yellow shoes with grey and black clothes. Yuck! :-P
They already are with a bonus of destroy America's morals, traditions and anything else America loves and holds dear.
See pic # 4.
Honey going to a protest made of mostly liberals, hippies and gays, your not going to find a prize there trust me on that.

The Civil Rights of 1967 never said anything about marriage from what I remember from U.S history. Idiots.

I wonder if her husband/ sperm donor would approve of her going to the protest pregnant. That or she not married at all or he has his testicles in a lock box somewhere.

Okay if your wondering what this pic is about a prop allowing more humane standards for confining farm animals( I don't why, their going to be killed and severed for dinner anyway). I just like the fact that the guy dressed as a chicken to protest. Werido.

Whats with the hate for Mickey Mouse? Just about every hippie that I know hates Disneyland. I don't know why so don't ask me.

Seeing your crappy cardboard sign I don't think you can afford a wedding. Jeez at lease make a sign that not from a cardboard box.

Quick! To the Gay Mobile!

Here is a woman and I think... her.. son holding a sign identifying themselves as Heterosexuals better know as Breeders to Gays and Liberal. Seeing her son I pry to G-d that she and her DNA don't breed.
There it is! There the sign the comparing Christians to Nazi's. Never mind the fact the Hilter was a homosexual, vegan, pagan. Just like most politicians, Hilter pretend to be religious in order to gain followers.

Seeing in the past few weeks how you gays have been treating blacks and the religious, I say you guys weren't ever nice in the first place.

You do know that MLK jr was a pastor of a Baphist Church right?

Here something that make are forefathers spin in their graves. I not even sure if you can to this to a historic flag.
Now I shall leave you with this pic which is a pic that speaks for it self.

Thanks To Ringo of ringospictures for taking these pics! If you want to see more pics just go to his site.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that when liberals win a vote, they say its "over and done, people voted, democracy prevails, end of discussion." Yet when things don't go their way then all of a sudden everyone is intolerant, racist, homophobic, evil Nazis?

C.G.G said...

I asked myself that question a millon times. Alot of these libs are nothing but whiny, spoiled childern who cry when they don't get there way.

Ky Marine said...

The desecration of the old Gadsden flag is especially infuriating. Most Americans would come to the conclusion that the gays are treading on history by doing so.

C.G.G said...

Took the words right out of my mouth Ky.

Flession said...

Wonder if the "Jim Crow" sign holders realized that 70% of the Black California population voted for Prop 8.

C.G.G said...

They don't care. They can't go after blacks, arabs and latins( mainly because most of these werdio's voted for Obama.) So they go after the Mormons, Christains and Jews since only conservative are religious in their mindsets.