Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ashley Judd Is A Moron Moonbat

I find it quite funny that liberals like Ashley Judd hates Sarah Palin because she hunts wolves and said that Palin’s is accused of "casting aside science and championing the slaughter of wildlife." but is all for the brutal(and disgusting) procedure know as Partial-Birth Abortions. Some humanitarian!:Check Spelling

"Last year, Judd appeared on a panel of the Clinton Global Initiative and promoted her pro-abortion agenda. She declared to our gang at that "a woman voting for McCain and Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." So let’s get this straight. According to the humanitarian ethics of Ashley Judd, Sarah Palin shouldn’t allow wolves to be shot from an airplane, but she should allow human babies to have their skulls vacuumed out and killed in a partial-birth abortion. Who here is in favor of "senseless savagery" again? "

So let me get this straight, in Judds mind, killing wolves and hunting is bad even though Alaskan kill wolves in order for them to preserve their Caribou and Moses population which is a main source of food for for Alaskan and wolves and if their were too many wolves the Caribou and Moses population would diminish which there would be no food for the wolves and they would all starve to death. But its a-okay to kill babies! Liberal logic makes my head spin.


Caleb Spaulding said...

I just left a comment on an older blog of yours. But I just want you to know that you are sooo right about everything, I am 18 and it makes me happy to see that there is at least one other person my age that has some sense, and isnt some crazy loud mouth liberal that has no idea what there talking about.

Anonymous said...

So what's it like to be so fucking retarded?

Flession said...

I dunno Anon. You tell us; you're the residential expert around here.

Anonymous said...

I do not consider myself conservative, but I do agree with what you have to say here, in this post. So I continued to read your blog.

I think you have a good start on your reasoning, for all of what you believe in, though it sounds like you have had few personal experiences interacting with, or being friends with people whose life situations differ from your personal experience.

For example: I am straight, and I have many wonderful gay friends--not all gays are like you seem to have observed them to be. My friends are not boastful of it, they do not think that they are more discriminated against than racial minorities. They simply are just people. Different from us in their priorities. And, just because I am straight and support them not being straight as well, does not mean I am "sick", secretly am like them, etc.

They accept me, also they accept and are friends with both straight and gay women, and gay women are friends with straight and gay men.

It is important for people from all walks of life to consider why people who think differently from them, do believe what they do, rather than to push away from it. You will be surprised what you learn. That's why I've taken to reading your blog.

my questions for you are...
Why have you abandoned traditional education in favor for a GED? Why had you given up on life earlier?
School is not the only way to learn. I would say travel makes one more wise than anything.

I too have inherited chemical imbalances, and know how you have felt dealing with them, though I think the seriousness of your actions reveal negativity. (as well as your posts. Please, continue to write more research posts! Please research into the financial issues sarah palin has caused alaskans like my family)

I think that many devout political, or religious individuals have become so immersed in the worlds negative issues, or their own issues, they fail to truly appreciate what they have, and the beauty of the world around them. The miracle of life, variety, and the complex system that creates one organism from many individual cells. Anyone, religious or not, can appreciate being a part of an amazing whole that they are immersed in. A true gift to us.
Just something positive for you to think about!

Anyway, Thank you for being conservative, rather than following the "cool thing" blindly, like many uneducated liberal youths. I dislike THEM, not conservative people with REASONS.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised that Judd promotes the crime of abortion; looking at her own life, she doesn't seem to have any children of her own.

If I recall correctly, she is also a substance abuser, and has had many relationships with many men.

Obviously this women has no concept (and therefore no appriciation) of the Family or why it is so seminal to building healthy civilizations.

Anonymous said...

Lulz. If this is the same GamerGal I think it is, HE is fucking retarded. He's a racist bigot pretending to be girl who thinks all muslims are rapists and all priests are pedo's.

Good luck with the book. Can't wait to see it on the list of banned publications.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all three things in the world I hate rolled up into one!
A)Gamer "girl"
-A female who thinks by being a "gamer", she is entitled to more popularity or praise than any other person. Its like a male making a hot pocket in the kitchen and going, "look, wife, a MAN can cook!"
Not that I really care about political parties, but conservative is just the kind word of "ignorant backwater republican". I can't care about liberals any more, but conservatives? And a Palin fan?
Oh you're religious. The epitome of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle's quest that began 2300 years ago to shatter man's explanation of the world via the supernatural and search for a utopia in which wisdom and logic was the foundation of a society!

No, screw that. Let's throw all modern science and that 2300 year old concept out the window and base all our knowledge, laws and ethics on one religion out of hundreds of thousands because, afterall, why use your brain!

Yep...all my rage for you, "conservative gamer girl"
ALL my rage.
"lord" hope you're trolling.

Anonymous said...

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Preston Wagner said...

You know, It's so hard to find anyone conservative on the internet at all. Any time someone conservative tries to speak up, the vilest insults are thrown their way. The problem is that many liberals feel that the best way to make their point is to insult the other side, without bringing any reasons or logic into it. Case in point: our author here notes that it seems hypocritical to be against hunting but in favor of abortion. The best that our second responder can come up with is "So what's it like to be so f***ing retarded?". On fiscal issues I am set in stone because I've studied them, but on moral issues, it's easy to pick a side simply because of this one issue, and the types on the other side of it.